Hey guys. Hope you’re all having a great week so far. The way John scores sometimes, it’s like he doesn’t even have to try anymore. It just seems to get easier and easier. See’s sexy Thai girl in a sexy black dress and heels, races to his bike, finds her and makes an offer she was quick to accept. Just like that. Ride for picture-taking. Deal. Done. So easy. Then, to top it off, he says he’ll only do it if she goes for a drink with him first… (insert record scratch sound here)… wait… what? He already gets the better part of the deal here and makes her work for it even more? What a guy! Dude knows, these chicks love white cock and if they are already easy for it, why not get more? Fuck yeah… now to hit the road with her, ASAP!

Living in Pattaya, this 24 year old whom was in the right place at the right time, this hussy was more than willing to spend even more quality time with whitey as evident by the conversation over their hurried drinks. The thought of John taking pictures of her at the hotel gave her that smile that says “I got something dirty to show you worth taking pictures of!” and as soon as their drinks were done, they we’re off to get tight like a wicker basket together. And, with how he was loving the rear-end view from the beginning, you can only imagine the obsession-driven ass-centric adventure that’s about to unfold.

It did not take long to once again take notice of that fantastic ass once in the room and immediately upon entering, John explored, exposed and fondled that beautiful full ass and shaved pussy of hers then laid her tummy-down on bed and continued to explore some more from one of the world’s most amazing views. Am I the only one here starting thinking that maybe.. its just maybe possible that she was the one hunting and luring him using his obvious weaknesses? Honestly, could you hear the hormones coursing through his veins through the camera, too? It’s deafening. Or is that just my own? I have to admit, it is my own personal favorite position for a great ass! Anyways…

Time for action! With an almost begging tone, she was instructed to “cum here, now” and immediately, Som fished his cock out and showed off her oral skills. The way she played with him using her hands, tongue and mouth was like she never saw a white cock before, but we know that’s not true because she’s obviously quite fond of them judging by her behavior and the ease of her pickup. Of course, this orally playful display only pushed things further into action with some nice finger fucking and munching down on her shaved pussy but also, by a steady and deliberate pounding of her sloppy wet pussy as it gripped him tight, rode him like she was a rodeo-buck (proving meatier girls are spinners, too) then took a doggiestyle pounding until she was overflowing from the vag with millions of Tron Jrs. Score!

Not being the type to overstay her welcome and just as easy as she came, easy she go! “That was way too easy, better run before whitey gets attached!” written ALL over her face! I swear, John just got rolled, TukTuk Patrol-style HAHA. Anyways… until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!