Welcome back all! Mr Nice and Mr Naughty were out for another patrol and while deciding what “kind” of girl they were going to go after, Mr Naughty flat out requested “anything with a pussy, really”. Those are dangerous words to utter in a land of variety such as this. That could mean anything from a knee-slappin’ stunner to a unic that got kicked-in where the berries once hung.

It didn’t take them all that long before something caught their attention. When pulled over at the side of the road to contemplate getting a drink, a Japanese’ish-looking girl in black shorts and white sweatshirt appeared out from an alley and they immediately beckoned her over to offer a ride. A little on the chubby-side, this beautiful girl was still right up their alley. She has this youth’ish MILF thing going on with her. Which to the boys, is some show of proof that this girl loves to fuck. Before figuring out where they were even going, they headed off in the tuktuk towards the hotel with the ruse of taking her shopping. Of course, as the hotel became nearer, this 25 year old (or so she says, I’d guess to add a couple more years) was already more than willing to skip the shopping and go right to battering her ovaries.

Profusely teased the whole way to the hotel, Song was then laid back on the bed once arrived and immediately, everything went right into action. Mr naughty shoved his hand up her shorts, offered her his bulging sword and continued to heavily pet this MILF beauty through her pink panties and finger-banged her into a heated desire to procreate. Of course, Song was quite busy admiring and massaging his engorged meat tube with great intrigue and delight. Spending so much time on the Naughty Knob only seals her fate even further. Lets just hope her birthing-canal can handle what’s she’s about to get herself into, haha! This ain’t no slack-dicked local here… you know.

Song here THOROUGHLY enjoyed all the attention she got, even if she could only half-shaft his girth before she squealed like a pig at feeding time, haha. Not to say that he didn’t go balls deep, but it was plain as day that her pussy was going to end up destroyed in the process! As the action goes on, you’ll clearly see that this MILF was a great pickup. Not only because she likes to fuck like the dickens, but also because she wholeheartedly thoroughly enjoyed it. Like SHE was the lucky one here. Exhausted, spent and still wanting to please, she finished off the job with a whole upper-body workout handjob that emptied every last drop he had. Good girl! Hope her ovaries recover…

Until next time, guys… stay happy and stay horny!