Hey guys, welcome back to Tuktuk Patrol. As already evident, we are coming to you from Laos with this new episode. Why Laos? Well, it’s another Asian country that features our favorite mode of transportation for finding and picking up girls, a Tuktuk! Yes, that’s right, there are other countries that use this mode of transportation and with John’s experience traveling the globe in search of pussy, he’s come to realize that there are many places just as opportunistic for hunting and conquering pussy using a Tuktuk. Tuktuk Patrol now knows no bounds; if your country has tuktuks and fine pussy to conquer, we will ride it, fuck it… and film it for you to enjoy here.

Sook, as she’s known by, is just our first in many more other-country tuktuk patrol’s we will explore for you in the coming months at random intervals, depending on John’s taste in pussy and travel, but In the meantime, lets get started with why we’re here today.

After exploring the lay of the land for awhile and giving us a little view of Vientiane city in Laos, John finally comes upon this thin-looking little lady that was walking right up the road and offered her a ride. Flower in-hand, she hopped right in and immediately followed John’s directions for posing to take photos. Seconds later, she even agreed to go back to his room for more. Jeez, can it be that John found a country that’s even easier to hunt? My God man, what a slender piece she is in that long dress of hers.

There’s something of a diamond in the rough about this girl, as we’re about to soon find out. Great attitude, loves to pose, has a quirky demeanor to her yet quite eager to smile and make her new friend smile. She definitely has a thing for white guys and foreigners, no doubt. Almost like she’s checking John off her own conquest list, haha. At the end of the day here, though, we’re the winners with this one. I mean, look how hungrily she attacks his cock after showing off her cute little hard-body ass. Sure, she’s definitely a MILF and likely not the freshest of girls on the streets, but she’s got talent for pleasing a cock… again, no doubt about it. It’s like this girl uses her mouth like a well-tune pussy and hands all over his balls and shaft like she couldn’t get enough of it. No deepthroat action by any means (lets face it, their mouths aren’t that big) but sure as heck, knows what she’s doing.

No more messin’ around, John just then turns her around into doggie and she offers up her perfect, rock-hard skinny little ass to him with a perfect tight pussy to much down upon. Damn, how does a MILF stay this well put-together!? And Guys, you can almost feel that first penetration, right? What a view… what a girl! Following next is a barrage of deeply-penetration position changes with Sook enjoying every deep moment of it, staring back at her stud like a deer caught int he headlights of pleasure when she’s not off in orgasm-land (the faces, right? haha). Finishing off, Both Sook and John prepare for the big finale of getting her tight MILF pussy stuffed with a deeply potentially-inseminating load of joy. This girl definitely enjoyed her time with this new strange friend of hers, that’s for sure. Left with nothing but smiles and concern for her figure over the next 9 months, she ran off to the shower smiling ear to ear and still tingly with pleasure. A good ol’ classic MILF romp.

Until next time guys, stay happy and horny.