February 25, 2012 » Nica & Sally (Her GF)

I had a great day today starting with when Nica texted me to ask if I was interested in meeting her “boyfriend”. Remember her homemade video with that big-titted lesbian girl Sally? Of course I liked that. I was hoping she would allow me to fuck her too. Once in my room, they started to have sex in front of me and I slowly started to introduce myself to the equation. Sally hospitably let me to enter inside her, although I’m not sure if she really liked it, and she was surely not a great fucker. But for me, it was exciting enough just to fuck Nica’s “boyfriend” unexpectedly. To be honest, I loved fucking Nica more, so I eventually got back to her. The supreme moment of glory was to cum on both of their faces while they were kissing. Lesbians can be great!