January 6, 2017 » Visiting with Pey & her mom!

Pey’s mom invited me to visit their home, today, so I arrived there at 10:30 in the morning and the mom waited for me outside. She lives in a small room. She showed me around and then we went to the room where Pey and her MILF cousin were waiting for me. This has to be the most surreal visit I’ve ever made…

Once in the room, the mother was all over me and from her behavior, it was more than obvious that she had been in this business for a long, long time. Her English was perfect and she didn’t stop flirting, posing for my camera and making naughty facial expressions. Pey was happy to see me again, here in Thailand, but she was obviously much more shy than when I met her in Canada. The mom continued to make proposals and even started to sell me the cousin, for anal sex. I could not believe my ears. A person just cant make this stuff up, guys… but better yet, the cousin really wanted me to actually fuck her ass!!! They then proceeded to tell me about their experiences with some foreigners paying extra to poo in their mouths. Absurd! ACK!

Anyways… I decided after an hour to leave and we agreed to meet the day after tomorrow at my hotel, both the mother and daughter. Expect nothing more than a first time real mom and daughter shoot guys! Later I will do the cousin as well, of course… deep in her ass! 2017 is going to be awesome!