If you’re not already enthralled by these dual heavy-hangers and able to sway your attention away from the video long enough to read this little story, kudos to you… you have skill! We became quite obsessed with this update and lost between her billowing breast-visions. Imagine if you will, trying to decide the best images to show… the best angles… it’s nearly impossible when they are all so heavenly and so full of imagination going wild. Anyways, lets get to the meat of this update!

John was heading out from his hotel to grab a tuktuk and go hunting when immediately, he spotted 20yo Wa walking his way and became enthralled in this top-heavy beauty’s curves and cute dress. She couldn’t speak very much English but she sure understood how much this foreign white guy was falling in love with her features. Before long, they were headed back to the hotel room to get a lot more up close and personal about it.

Fast forward to the hotel room and after obsessing over her beautiful breasts and snapping pics of her all around his hotel room, he just could not help himself once she was on all 4’s and he simply just pulled his dick out to see what would happen. She immediately began to carefully and meticulously suck, lick, kiss and rub her lips all up and down his engorged member. With a view and beautiful blowjob like this, he knew this could get fun very fast… so he laid back, hauled his pants off and before you know it, this beauty has those beautiful plump and round heavy hangers dangling on him, caressing his dick, titty-fucking him and giving him an epic tit-job between sucking and stroking! I’d have lost my batter right there like spitballs on the ceiling but John held his cool and before long, she had parted her panties aside, mounted him with a tight hairy pussy that barely fits him and gave him something warm and squishy to think about. You could clearly tell that Wa was loving this as much as we all are!

I won’t spoil the rest of the update for you (mostly because I’m sure most of you have been unable to take your eyes off Wa long enough to) but this update has many more treats to enjoy, so have at ‘er guys!

Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!