May 27, 2014 » Xiaoya

Guys, this was a special day in China for me. I first changed hotels to be more in the center and then waited for Jojo to come over with her friend. Once she entered the room with that girl named Xiaoya, a 19yo student, I knew that this was going to be something special.

This girl is everything. The best of all my tastes! Skinny with a petite body, small, beautiful hair, beautiful Chinese doll face with these small shining lips and bambi eyes… oh my!

Jojo left after explaining everything and Xiaoya seemed to understand everything. She could even speak a little bit English. I was still afraid that she would back off early or something but she didn’t. She was willing to do everything I asked and all with that beautiful smile of hers on the whole time.

I made so many pictures and was so excited the whole time. She seemed to like me, also, and that made it all go so smoothly. Once I saw her pussy, that hairy black pussy, I just couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

I started to touch and lick her and she started to moan. She was wet and as excited as I was. Ok, the BJ isn’t her specialty yet, but what did I care?! my dick in that hairy juicy pussy is the only thing that mattered!

This was such a good fuck with one of the cutest girls I have ever fucked. I just like Chinese girls so much. After today, I could say that I maybe prefer them to Thai and Pinay in terms of beauty. Just my taste.

Ok, also no creampie, China is not ready for that yet. Will need to go there more and introduce this country to what Porn is all about, haha.

After shooting, we went out to eat together. Too sad she had to go home and even more sad that I leave tomorrow. But you see, now that I started to find my way, I will return again. No worries, back here soon enough!

Oh yes, by the way, I got a message from Zhibo last night. Remember her? She is now in her province and will be back in Changping next month. So that could be an idea for my next visit.

Time to sleep now. Tomorrow to HK!