Welcome back guys n gals. This week, John was on his way out on foot to grab a bite to eat at a little outdoor restaurant before heading out hunting for a girl to film. We get to see some footage from a true 1st person point of view during his travels to and fro, as well as when picking up a lovely blonde-haired 21yo Thai girl that he met after he finished up his meal. She seemed quite shy, but still easily approachable. Her name is Yo and easy to pose for photos already, this was an even easier feat getting her back to the hotel with him for more despite how extremely shy she was. She really wanted this and shyness was not stopping her.

Once arrived, he switches over to a more appropriate camera and albeit still being quite shy, Yo was easily guided on how to pose and was still enjoying doing something so wild and crazy with a stranger. A handsome foreigner with all the right words, a rich-looking hotel room and a camera wanting to see more and more of her. She knows what she is here for. We’re actually unsure if this girl has ever done this before. Maybe she’s trying out something new, easily convinced, just horny or caught up in a one-time daytime romance that she will hold secret in her fantasies for years to come?

As we get to later stages in the photoshoot where we start to get more up close and personal with what laid beneath her clothes, we soon discover what a tight little body this skinny Thai girl has and surprisingly, a beautiful heart-shaped ass that would make any man’s balls drop at first sight while bent over in doggie. Yo was even enjoying the attention her new handsome white friend here was giving her naughty bits as more and more became revealed. We have to hand it to this shy possible-first-timer here, as the camera gets more and more pervy with the obsession over her tight little curves, her smile endured and her eagerness to push herself beyond her norm endured even further with each instruction given to her.

Warming her up with some oral pleasure, her pleasure only enticed them both even further and before even getting his pants off, the now-raging-bull had her tiny little heart-shaped ass bent over in doggie on the coffee table while getting her tight and squeezing pussy wrapped around something bigger than she anticipated and at the best her beautiful pussy’s shallow-depth could handle. – It’s perfection in visual form here, folks! Pussy-porn at it’s finest.

Still quite shy, even though she randomly cracks a big smile each time her pussy squeezes and bears down on him, we find out that she’s not all that skilled beyond what she’s learning here today. A beautiful little taker, more than anything. No complaints here, guys… I don’t even mind that she’s a starfish. It’s innocent – and her sex is well-meaning and enjoyed. So soft in all positions… so gentle… so delicate – and she can TAKE IT dished in deeper than it should ever fit without even so much as wince from her… just a big cock-eating grin across her face! Besides… when the platter is as well-presented as this, something us men can truly enjoy is the carnal-empowerment of just taking a girl any way WE want to – for our pleasure, too!. Take it… just take it you dirty little &^$#!

If you’ve made it this far without already losing your nut over those smiles and pussy-poundings, John continually and meticulously fucked this fun-sized little bundle of submissive-joy in as many more angles as he could to get you the view from the best seats in the house but many moments later, her returns to doggie and couldn’t pump her tight hole any longer before nature took over and he could no longer hold back his ambition before dumping a load deep within her happy and well-fertilized little cock pot. More amazing is that even after all that, she was still as tight as a thimble – as evident when he *popped* out and the baby-batter flowed out like an avalanche on the slopes or like a science experiment visualizing the physics of fluid displacement.

Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!